Are you a person who overthink and think why you overthink?

Overthinking is the habit of thinking too much or too long about something.Everyone overthinks at some point in their life, Some just stops thinking and move on, some don’t do it. Overthinking is also called as “analysis paralysis” because when we think too much we get stuck in thoughts and our actions get stopped.

Overthinking is a trait that ruins any kind of relationship like friendship, romantic etc and finally it ruins oneself completely. Basically, when a person overthink he might undergo any one of the following component namely ruminating or worrying.


Think something deeply. Thinking about a problem over and over in the mind. Repetitive thoughts about various aspects in the situation. when certain things are over viewed and thought repeatedly it leads to negative behavior such as self-blaming, self loathing and regretting.

For Example, When a person starts to overthink and overanalyze his/her relationship breakup,they often start to blame themselves for what has happened regretting with typical thoughts such as I’m the reason for my breakup. I should have been more patient and supportive, I lost my happiness.


Worrying involves negative thoughts about things that may or may not happen. Worrying are energy draining and distressing thoughts.When a person is under stress they start to worry. Certain times when a person is continuously worried it stops him what he need to do actually , this affects his life to the fullest.

For Example: A person who is not satisfied with his job starts to stress him in all the way he can, starts to worry about his future plan and loses his present happiness and life. Worrying is wanting to predict future.

Excessive worrying and overthinking creates feeling of distress and restlessness.Over thinking may lead to problems anxiety, depression, eating disorder, substance abuse.

some of the reason for over thinking includes Childhood experience and learning(fearing for even small things), Perfectionism, Overgeneralization, fear of conflict.

Get Rid of Overthinking

Thought stopping technique

Thoughts are just thoughts. Stop accepting all the thoughts that spread through air. Conditioningyou by stopping over thinking or negative thoughts. Whenever negative thought comes or ruminations occur say yourself STOP,when this word is repeated we can get conditioned to it. The main idea here is conditioning yourself to stop the loop of rumination (past events) or worrying (about future).


Paying attention to the present event. Living the present moment without judging. Mindfulness can be practiced by paying attention to your body and surrounding.

Write down your thoughts, Believe in yourself, Stay physically engaged and active.

Instead of keeping your thoughts in mind, journal it (write it out). Rather than thinking, rethinking and overthinking. Believe in your own ability and move on.

Speak to a therapist

Once when you feel your overthinking ruins your daily life, leading to disturbance in your health and wellbeing. There is nothing to hestitate anymore. Speak to therapist and seek solutions and effective therapy.Identify your strength, weakness and make your foundation stronger.

Sumithra Murugesan
Psychologist, Serene Life Hospital

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